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Contemplative prayer – Is it really prayer?

MattS AMTM December 2018 Part 18 (heresy and false teachings)

Many Christians are embracing the idea of “Contemplative Prayer” today and very sadly I see this as two things. Firstly that the church is rapidly moving away from scripture as a basis for teaching and sound doctrine, and secondly that new generations of Christians are finding many current Churches void of biblical truth. In saying this, that first thing may be generating the second thing. The Churches departure from sound biblical teaching may be leading new generations of Christians to seek, some form of spirituality that offers them meaning, and gives some type of “experience”. Many young Christians are hungry for the truth and if they do not find it in their Church, they will go looking for it. Sadly there are many counterfeits waiting to embrace these young folk.

My last article on Gnosticism discussed the idea of Gnostic teaching and practices, i.e. looking within oneself for divine inspiration (and indeed God). Let’s see how “Contemplative Prayer” lines up with this type of thinking.


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