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Joel’s Army – The Lord’s Army? Or Hell’s Army?

MattS AMTM November 2018 Part 16 (heresy and false teachings)

I want to say from the outset that “Joel’s Army” and the “Bride of Christ” are two completely separate ideas. I have found that there may be some who will confuse these two things as being the same. They are not! as the “Bride of Christ” is scriptural and well supported, Joel’s Army as a Christian “End of the Age” army is not.

In my reading on the folks that are talking up “Joel’s Army”, I hear much about what men and women will do (and what they are doing) and little about where God is in all this. I hear a smattering of religious phrases and scriptures that seem to justify this thinking, but I hear and see the driven behaviour of men overriding anything scriptural.



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