Heaven on Earth! Does Heaven Invade Earth?

MattS February 2018 Part 15 (heresy and false teachings)


This particular false teaching, “Heaven coming Down to Earth”, was a bit hard to pin down. It was hard to determine exactly where it had come from, and I realised again after reading a great deal, that it was an old lie disguised in new clothes. I have written a little on this topic with the misinterpretation of Matthew 6:9-13, commonly known as the “Lord’s prayer”. I have covered this to some degree in my article “As Above, So Below”, however I discovered that there is a broader deception happening, and yes! I believe is all related.

I believe that the subtlety of this lie has caught a lot of Christians out, because it sort of sounds okay. It did have me scratching my head a few times to clearly pick out the deception, so I will try and lay it out for you as best I can so that it makes sense.


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