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The New Apostolic Reformation – What is it? (Part II)

Matt S  Jan 2018  Part 12 – 2  (False teachings/heresy series)

I should add that it is becoming clear to me that the people who have spoken out against the NAR movement, have done so on the basis that NAR doctrines are contrary to Biblical doctrines/teachings. These folk who have spoken out against the New Apostolic Reformation, have been clear on what scripture says (in other words they read and know their Bibles), and they have challenged what they see as a deviation from “sound doctrine”. If you are here in the AMTM website, the chances are very high that you are a critical thinker, and don’t just accept anything that you see, read or hear as “gospel”.

So let’s get started…..( extract from article by Matt.S)


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