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A Christian perspective of working as clinical practitioner in the Mental Health and General Medical fields

Matt S AMTM September 2nd 2017.

I have worked as a clinical practitioner in the areas of mental health and some general medicine for over 30 years. In this time it has been interesting to observe the many changes in medicine and the effects that it has on those receiving treatment. It would be fair to say that Modern allopathic medicine does a superb job of treating traumatic physical injuries, emergency medicine and surgical procedures. However it does a poor job of treating in a preventative way. Part of the reason for this failure is narrow approach used in treating both physical and psychological conditions. Many physical and psychological conditions may have an underlying spiritual and emotional cause. When just using pharmaceutical medicines, physical therapies and some very misguided psychological approaches, the best you can hope to achieve for many conditions, is a masking effect that does not treat the underlying cause.


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