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The Condition of Today’s American Church – Explosive Prophetic Dream

By Joanie Stahl


This powerful dream was given to me back on July 29, 2017. The Lord recently gave me clear instruction that I was no longer to keep this to myself, for it is not mine to hold. This dream is so powerful, there may be many more layers that the Lord may reveal to you. As always, take all things to the Lord in prayer.



My dream began with me walking in a beautiful garden-like setting with the same man (heavenly representative) that I have seen in most of my dreams from God.  We were walking together towards what was an open door church setting.  I somehow knew I had been invited to attend this church by the Pastor. I cannot say how I knew, but I just knew. …………………………………….


This IS a warning.  This IS your time and mine, individually and corporately to spiritually prepare ourselves in the power of the endless life against the coming days ahead.

What is coming is here now, yet the Lord is showing us that there is a sudden coming of the onslaught of Satanic darkness. These forces will be 100% directed against the true Believer’s in Jesus Christ.  Do not be fooled by the light of this present world. Walk, dwell, live, and walk in the light of the other world.  


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