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Matt S September 12th 2017 Part 10 (False teachings/heresy series)

You may wonder where I get some of the interesting topics, I often wonder myself, but knowing God, I should wonder little. As I read and research, I come across all kinds of interesting things, but some just stick out and this is one of them! I am fast coming to the conclusion that God has led me down this path for a good reason, the number of times just recently that I have had heard Christians referencing false teaching and non Christian ideas as being Christian has been simply astonishing. I wonder what I am missing at times, but have to trust and ask that the Holy Spirit will give me discernment to see other falsehoods. I would ask that you would consider doing this also on a regular basis for yourself.

SOZO, what is Sozo? And why would this be included under deceptions, heresies and false teachings?


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