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“As Above, So Below”

“As Above, So Below.”

Matt S August 5th 2017 Part 5 (False teachings/heresy series)

The article this week focuses on an area that I see as being particularly devious, subtle and treacherous for those not watching carefully. I freely admit that this one nearly got me. Had I not been reading widely, I could have easily been caught in this lie, and subtle deception. There are some that may struggle with my perceptions of “The Message” translation of the Bible, but in this I am unrepentant!!

So Matt, what are you going on about?

This article will discuss the saying “As Above, So Below” and in simple terms, what it means. This article will ask the question of how this saying has found its way into a translation of the Bible.

As Above, So Below”

Some years ago I stumbled across this term in my reading on matters related to the occult, ancient religions, gods and New Age philosophies. In reading various Christian commentaries on these matters, the saying, “As Above, So Below” came up frequently. I paid little attention to the term itself and its meaning, as I do not happily read occult New Age materials, and neither would I encourage anyone to actively seek and read this stuff, unless you have very specific need to do so. I would always ask the Holy Spirit for discernment and protection if doing so. In my research for this article, I have gone to Christian commentaries as much as possible for my information on this subject.

One night when attending a Church home group, we were doing a study of the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:9-13. Somebody read “The Message” translation version of this passage.

Our Father in heaven,
Reveal who you are.
Set the world right;
Do what’s best—
as above, so below [colour & emphasis added]


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