Exploring the holy texts

Exploring the holy texts is a new article written by Joanie Stahl and is found on her personal website Joanie Stahl’s Field Notes. Here is an extract from it:

I remember when I first became a Christian.  The thrill of entering into the new life in Christ.  I remember listening and looking in awe at the Believers that were advanced in the faith.  Not just that they knew the word so well and had excellent working knowledge of it, but the real life they applied it to.  Every day life.

I jumped into the word with two feet over forty years ago.  I remember that it was, looking back, the best time Jesus could have called me into the family of faith.  I was 14 years old and all that crazy time of growing up in the hardest years of adult development, combined with a very hard upbringing.  Which I believe was just exactly what the Lord had in mind.  My life was terrible growing up coming from a difficult family, which launched myself into a series of domino-like effects of one bad thing into another.

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