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Grave Sucking

                Matt S. July 7th 2017 Part 2 (False teachings/heresy series)

I really need to be starting each of my articles in this series with this statement or warning. As Christians, we are living in the age of deception, there will be two things occur that bring huge false belief. There will be the man of lawlessness backed by the arch deceiver satan, bringing lying “signs and wonders”, and God will send a strong delusion to those who reject Him, to cement them in their false belief (2 Thessalonians 2). There is also going to be a great falling away (apostasy). We are living in a world ruled by a psychotic fallen angel who is encouraging religious/spiritual tolerance as part of his agenda. In fact the world at large is caught up in this wave of politically correct tolerance, that appears to have seen common sense go right out the window. This psychotic fallen angel (satan) is on his last legs before Jesus takes him out of things for quite a while, and satan knows this, so he is now in the process of throwing everything into chaos and disarray, in order to make his move. Jesus tells us “do not be deceived”. We must be looking for deception, because the thing about deception is, that it’s intent is to be a craftily hidden thing that catches us unaware.

Any way back on topic Matt!

Grave Sucking”, “Grave Soaking”, and “Mantle Grabbing”……………… Have you heard of it?


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