Fellowship in the Galleries of the King

Fellowship in the Galleries of the King

By Joanie Stahl & Brook Ardoin (July 2017)


I know that there are endless studies about prayer, different types of it, and ways to go about it.  The internet is replete with the how-to’s and countless methods.  There are a million different authors, all espousing techniques and ways of approaching the throne of the Most High God.

Prayer is a vast economy and there is no end of it, as heaven is eternal, and as God Himself is from eternity to eternities.

However, trying to apply the methods people employ often ends up fading away shortly after application. This is because it is what others have learned, becoming their own experience and not the reader’s.  Prayer MUST become the personal possession of each saint.

Today, rather than focusing on the methods of prayer, I want to take you deeper into one of the“whys” that compels us to pray. I want to present this to you in the simplest of ways as can only be taught by the Lord.  After all, I consider prayer as a breathing out of one’s own heart.  


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