Emerging Deceptions

Matt S, June 2017, Part 1.

Of late I have been concerned about some ideas, ideologies, theologies that have been quietly creeping into the Christian “mindset”. I know that I’m not alone in this, as I have heard a few of my Christian friends express similar concerns. Just odd little things really, not entirely noticeable. A little scattering of sayings or new ideas here and there. Do you ever get that situation where someone says something and you get a little check in your thinking, or in your spirit?

You might be chatting to someone at Church or you read a Christian commentary/article, or you see something written in a comments section online. You might hear something from the pulpit in a sermon, and it seems to sound a little off, or watch a movie that is supposedly Christian, and it just seems to be lacking in something, or just not right. Maybe it’s hard to put your finger on it exactly because it has liberal sprinklings of good theology around it.

You might be thinking that there have always been odd ideas/heresies, perversions of Biblical truth, and you would be right. Jesus, Paul, Peter and James all warned about watching for false teaching, quite a bit actually. It’s no wonder we have to watch out for crazy false ideas, when you have a psychotic fallen angel that excels in deception, running amok out there.

What concerns me with these ideas that are quietly creeping in, is that they seem to be coming from folk who “should know better”.

So what do you mean by “folk who should know better” Matt?


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