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123- Nathan Leal – Trump, the NWO and the Glowing Orb Exposed!

Episode 123 of the A Minute To Midnite Show. Tony is joined by Nathan Leal who brings out some very revealing facts that many people will not like to hear! But burying one’s head in the sand has never been a wise option. This is a “must listen to” episode.

“Jesus told us to watch. This means we must examine world events, and keep a discerning and watchful eye on those who are in leadership. This includes America’s president.

So are you doing that my friend?

This discipline is not easy for supporters who are committed to him, because some of them believe that his place in history is to destroy the New World Order, tame Washington, and bring a reprieve to America.

There also others who have been convinced by confused watchmen that Trump is a divine visitation who has been sent by God to perform ALCHEMY on America, Washington, D.C., the church, and turn it all into gold.

But believing in something and watching it happen are two different things.

Donald Trump is the president, and his agenda is showing. And instead of destroying the New World Order, he is nourishing it.” Quote Nathan Leal

123- Nathan Leal – Trump, the NWO and the Glowing Orb Exposed!

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