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Prophetic Dream – A Second Dream Given of The New Jerusalem

By Joanie Stahl (May 2017)

Forword & Afterword by Brook A.

Excerpt From The Article:

We were looking up into the sky and saw an enormous heavenly city in the clouds coming down and it hovered in the air about the earth close enough for us to see it clearly.  We could not believe our eyes and we were struck with enormous awe!  We were speechless for a few minutes because it was in a sense so beyond anything ever imaginable.

I will do my best to explain what it looked like.  It was in the air, as high as the clouds, making it far away, but close enough to see it very well.  It was nestled in enormous bright white clouds and there were buildings in it, so many buildings that they were compacted together.  It was a vast, dense city, and I knew we were only able to see a portion of it.

Everything was white and bright, very pure looking and awesome. It was all light and majestic. We began to speak to each other, trying to express ourselves about what we were seeing.  It was difficult because there are no words on this earth to begin to describe its form and spectacular glory.  No words here on earth could ever do it justice but only harm.


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