Prophetic Dreams – Poisoned Food Causing Famine & Preparing the Gardens of Your Heart

                                                       By Sean H (May 2017)

 Excerpt From The Article:

The interpretation is fairly straightforward. I would like to give a background on the kind of man my grandfather was. During the Great Depression, he would help feed and clothe anyone who was seeking nourishment during the famine. Everyone loved my grandfather dearly because he was an honest and hardworking man. I love, respect, and miss him every day. He had lived through the Depression, WW2, the Vietnam War, the Cold war, and the Korean War.

He was the kind of man who kept a food storage because he knew that in times of trouble, the system failed the people. This is why the Lord sent my grandfather to reveal the words spoken. The Lord knew I would listen and understand the severity of what was being spoken to me.

Preparing your own garden” can be taken literal, and I do think it is important for everyone to know how to survive and grow his or her own crops. Nevertheless, the symbolism is about preparing our hearts and lives in order for the garden of life to grow. If we are to grow our gardens, we as Believers have to remember all those we have witnessed to. We have to remember all those that may spit in our face and mock us, but we still planted a seed whether we realized it or not by acting out of a Godly principle.