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113- Alarming World Events & Prophetic Word – Our Countenance Is Witness – Joanie Stahl – Brook Ardoin -Tony K

Episode 113 of the A Minute to Midnite Show includes Tony, Joanie, and Brook in another in-house discussion.  Join the team as world-event headlines are introduced & the possibility of a world war  beginning in Syria.  Discussions include a recent prophetic dream given to Joanie that speaks of a tangible, spiritual darkness, as well as each Believers responsibility to individually prepare.

Further on in the show Joanie & Brook explain the personal struggles they each encountered recently with anger and how it affects the countenance.  Dive deeper with the team as the Hebrew meaning of countenance is found to be more than a facial expression.  Hear what the Lord says of our countenance being a witness of Him, to others, & even His heavenly hosts.

In closing, Joanie explains prayer-related sadness & why this occurs.  Brook follows up on how to break this sadness to regain lost hope through the power of our will, while also explaining the will in detail & the importance of taking it back from the enemy.

113- Alarming World Events & Prophetic Word – Our Countenance Is  Witness – Joanie Stahl – Brook Ardoin -Tony K

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