Eternal Love

                                  By Joanie Stahl February 2017

Excerpt From the Article:

I have read many stories of people of all ages, from all over the world talk about dying and going to heaven, and coming back.  They speak of another land. They all have a little something different to say and add.  I take it to mean that heaven must be so vast and incomprehensible, that Jesus lets them see different things and parts.

“For heaven is His My throne and the  earth is My footstool.”  Isaiah 66:1. [Kjv}.

Since this is the truth, I cannot imagine the vastness of heaven and how big it is.  I have heard stories of people seeing all their loved ones.  They told us in testimonies how there were welcoming parties, and they hugged each other and spoke of the excitement of heaven.  People, have stated they hear music that is beyond any sounds they have ever heard, and that it fills the entire atmosphere.  

There are fragrances so beautiful that no flower on earth can compare. They speak of mountains, trees that wave their branches, as well as the flowers because they are so full of life.  Many have seen animals, birds, and the angelic hosts and that of course, Jesus Christ who speaks to them.


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