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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing 

“Pseudo Christian Predators”

Matt S Jan 16th 2017 Part 16.


As we know narcissists will lie and embellish the truth in order to cover their tracks. They will also go on a “smear campaign” to portray the victim as unreliable, or a bit crazy, or unstable.

Victims of “pseudo Christian predators” often refuse to speak out as they know that they do not have enough evidence to support their case. They may have also been threatened in some way, either with blackmail or with verbal threats of physical harm. Often these predators will get some “dirt” on the victim; it may be that the predator will create the situation that will incriminate the victim. This often prevents the victim from exposing the predator and allows the predator to keep operating or go and set up elsewhere.

So would it surprise you to know that Jesus warned about these predators?


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