091-Paul McGuire & Troy Anderson – World Facing Unprecedented Crisis-Apocalypse or Awakening?

Episode 091 sees Tony joined by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson in a fascinating discussion that covers multi facets of what is happening in the world today. Paul and Troy unwrap some of the secrets of the days we live in, the progression towards global government, and what this all means in the prophetic calendar. The US elections and the role of Donald Trump, the move towards a global cashless society, the UN agenda and attitudes towards Israel and how these relate to ancient Babylon. These and other important topics are covered in this show. Through the exposing some of the plans of the global occult-driven elite, and holding them up to the light of bible prophecy, the true picture and direction of world events becomes clearer. To find out where it is all heading, there are few people that are better to glean insight from than McGuire and Anderson!

091-Paul McGuire & Troy Anderson-  World Facing Unprecedented Crisis- Apocalypse or Awakening?

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