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Meddling In The Middle East. Obama And The Dividing Of Israel


                                             By Tony K. December 2016


Looking ahead to 2017, it would seem very likely that we will see tumultuous times, great changes in the Middle East, and regrettably also the likelihood of divine retribution for those nations that would seek to burden themselves with dividing Jerusalem and the Land Of Israel. The Russians were accused of meddling in the US political process. I believe those accusations were false. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the US and other countries are seeking to force their two-state solution in the Middle East without the agreement of those who will actually be a part of that forced “Two-State solution”. The irony of this is that Donald Trump, the President elect whom Obama claims to have been a benefactor of the supposed Russian interference, has himself stated that he doesn’t support the latest UN Resolution, or consider a Two-State solution to be of importance for his Presidency.


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