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The Dream of the Red and White Warriors.


Matt S December 2016

A friend of mine had a dream the other night it was brief but startling in its content as she describes it woke her up with a start. I sent it out to the dream team for responses on what they thought it might mean and will put these responses in following the dream. Here is the dream as follows;

I had another dream last night. The ending was so startling it woke me up and I couldn’t remember to part leading up to this.

I was gazing into the stars and there appeared two warriors. One was white and the other red. The one in white was backing up with his sword held up with both hands. He was in a defensive mode, watching for something. The red warrior was behind him and he didn’t know it. The red warrior took his sword and cut the white one in two! It shocked me so much I screamed in my sleep and woke myself up!

It was so scary! Startling!”


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