Dealing with Incidental Narcissists.

                         Matt S  November 2016 Part 14.

We’ve been so busy wondering about dwindling Church numbers in the past few decades and the lack of young folk in the Church and just what we need to do about this. How do we attract the younguns back to the fold? (See pictures above) That’s it!! We make it attractive to them, bring in the rock music and the smoke machines, the odd styles of clothing and the odd styles of preaching and while we are at it, why don’t we just bring the odd style of the world into the Church!! (Please understand that I do not have anything against rock music as a style of music, or smoke machines, or odd clothing styles or even odd styles of preaching for that matter, but I do have something against the odd style of the world).

What I do object to is when these things are used collectively to attract people to Church in the name of God.

I have heard so many people say that they are so worried about the narcissism of Church culture, that it’s just emulating the world. So let me just go over this again.


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