How Should We Deal With Narcissism?

                  What should our response be?

                                             Matt S 4th November Part 13.


From my personal observations there are “some” people who are able to manage narcissists really well, and remain around them without too much bother. Often you see narcissists head away from these folk or give them a wide berth, because the narcissist gets no gain from them. The folk that are able manage narcissists competently have some very specific and well defined qualities. From my observations these people are honest and do not tolerate nonsense or BS, they are confident, they are open, they have integrity, they have clear and well defined boundaries. They also know the art of being firm but fair having their emotions under control. They also appeared to come from homes that loved them, taught good character and instilled confidence. That is why I say there are “some” people who fit this profile and there are few these days that fit this description. There used to be many more at one time and that is why narcissism was so unpopular.


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