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079- The Trump Presidency -Very Important Info – Must Hear! -Joanie Stahl-Brook A-Tony K

Episode 079 is possibly the most important AMTM show we have ever done. Please spread this far and wide. We tell you the truth about the election, why Donald Trump was elected, and what is likely to happen now. Joanie Stahl spoke out in January 2016 on how she had been told by an insider that Trump had been chosen to be the next President two years ago and why it was. We published that interview 11 months ago. It was before Trump was even the Republican candidate!. Then in early May Joanie revealed that she was certain that Donald Trump will be the next and last President of the USA. What she tells us in this  AMTM in-house show is the exact opposite to what the Firefighter is telling people that is coming.  We believe his prophecy is false. Brook and Joanie explain why that is in this show. Everyone needs to hear this information. It is extremely important that people hear this whole episode.

079- The Trump Presidency -Very Important – Must Hear! -Joanie Stahl-Brook A-Tony K

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