What Does The Bible Say About Narcissism?

What Does It Say About A Last Days Epidemic Of This Toxic Human Plague?

                                   Matt S October 21st Part 11.

Except From The Article

Narcissism has become acceptable in every aspect of life and I know I go on about this, but the rise of this disorder has greatly concerned me. As commented on in previous articles it pervades our media in every way from the narcissists who use TV, film, and video to spread their selfish gospel, to the personalities that rule our politics and global economics. If you connect the dots of the luciferian elites (Rothschild’s etc) and their luciferian master (yep that’s lucifer) and look at how they own and run world banking, major businesses and companies, the MSM (main stream media), fund education, fund certain special interest protest groups and look at how they project themselves (George Soros) please read even just the title of the George Soros hyperlink, it will tell you all you need to know. As per my last article I believe that these people have taken on the personality traits of lucifer and for some reason this personality disorder is spreading at an alarming rate in the general population. It is being actively encouraged by educators, self help programs and New Age gurus.


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