A Word from the Lord; It Will Come Suddenly – Are You Prepared? Part 1

Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark

By Joanie Stahl (September 2016)

September 5, 2016

This is what I began writing as I was listening to the Lord:

I can feel something is about to take place.  A major, life-changing event; one that requires immediate, personal preparation.  Be on the lookout.  I can sense a call, but not for myself, for all Believers to arise up suddenly.  They will arise up suddenly at once.  Only those that have ears to hear are hearing the same.  They know the same thing is coming.  They will not rise up of their own accord, but they will arise up on My accord, when I do it in them.  Like when the Israelites in the desert did when they heard the sound – the certain sound of the trumpet.  There was no mistaking it.

I keep hearing, “Keep yourself clean, pure, and keep the watch.  Do not set any wicked thing before your eyes”.

Only the ready will be ready and rise up suddenly.  I can feel it, and its gaining strength.  The way has been long but worth it.


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