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Prophetic Dream: The End of the Church Age and Jewish Believers Taking up the Torch


By Joanie Stahl

Excerpt by Brook Ardoin

(September 2016)

Three mornings ago, on August 20, 2016, I had what I fully believe was a very significant dream. It is comprised of a warning to the Church and an event that is soon to take place.  I have not received a full interpretation from the Lord. In the meantime, I am submitting it to you to read because it is of great importance concerning the present state of the “Gentile” Church Body, what it once was, and the state of the past unbelieving Jews & their increasing rise into accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!


I immediately saw myself walking into a church.  As in most dreams given to me from the Lord, a man is with me and he is always at my right hand.  We walked in together into an enormous foyer.  The type you would see in a megachurch.  It was filled with multitudes of people walking, talking, laughing, and kids running around.  


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