“Shades of Evil.”

Matt S September 1st 2016 Part 5.

In the last article (Part 4) I listed the formal characteristics that Mental Health Professionals might use to determine if someone has a narcissistic personality disorder and also listed some of the more informal observations of behaviours of narcissistic people.

In this article I will discuss a little more of the types of narcissism that those who have experienced this disorder either professionally or personally have begun to identify.

The common garden variety narcissist that most people are familiar with is the overt “out there” arrogant, self centered, full of himself (most often male), aggressive, obsessed with self image, flamboyant character. However as people study narcissists and their behaviour it has become more apparent that it is not just a “cut and dry” personality disorder with set characteristics. The one common factor to all narcissists would be that they are at their core “self centered”. To say that we as individuals share some behaviours and characteristics is true but we also have our own unique way of behaving and being, this is the way God has made us. So it stands to reason that narcissists as humans will also behave in different ways. Men and women are not the same in many aspects so there will be gender differences as well.

A number of different terms have come out to differentiate between different types of narcissism and I will briefly describe some of them here.