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Considering Deliberate Evil.

Considering Deliberate Evil

                                            Matt S. August 20th 2016 – Part 3

Excerpt From Article:

However you may be on the receiving end of some deliberately bad behaviour from others (discussed in Part 2 of this series), and you need to be aware that with some types of people this behaviour is not going go away, and may well become worse.

So what kind of person is it that we are dealing with here? If I use terms like selfish, self absorbed, angry, jealous, manipulative, deceitful, rude, arrogant, conceited, scheming, exploitative, violent and emotionally empty, that may describe all of us at some stage in our lives. It’s when we get many of these things grouped together in the same person at the same time that we then need to take a long hard stare at this person. Typically this type of person may be described by a mental health professional as a narcissist or a psychopath (and some variations around those labels).


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