062- Doug Perry Part1-Equipping People For End Time Survival

Episode 062 has Tony joined by Doug Perry of FOTM. Doug discloses the amazing life altering “open vision” that he had a few years ago that dramatically changed his life. FOTM and it’s associated ministries feed, house & clothe multiple people each year. They have a farm & ministry that teaches survival skills & self-sufficiency as well as taking in homeless people & presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are like a co-op where a bunch of one-person or one-family ministries have agreed to walk shoulder to shoulder so as to help get the word out, & live like the believers of the early church did. Doug believes that perilous times lie ahead  & teaching people NOW the skills they will need to survive is critical. These preparations include both spiritual and physical aspects. This is a very thought-provoking episode that should challenge every listener to re-evaluate their own lives and views on Christian living.

062- Doug Perry Pt1-Equipping People For End Time Survival

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