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Thoughtful vs. Thoughtless

Thoughtful vs Thoughtless                                                   By Matt S August 3rd 2016

This morning as usual I was catching the train to work and noted that I have been irritated of late at how people behave when entering the train. More specifically it is winter in my part of the world and the doors on the train can be opened and closed with the push of a button, they do “self close” after a few minutes but this is long enough to let all the accumulated warm air out of the vast majority of the carriage. It is currently cold, wet and windy most days at the moment, and the trains are warm as long as the doors are closed. I also need to explain that my train waits at the station for 10 minutes prior to departure, and that I sit near the door of the train as I get off earlier than the majority of commuters so need to be close to the door in order to make my escape. This means that I am also much closer to the weather. So what is so irritating about people’s behaviour when they enter the train? Some people just don’t know how to close a door. Have you ever heard the expression “were you born in a tent” thrust in your direction when you failed to close a door?


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