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058- Pastor Benjamin Faircloth- Warning! Chaos To Fall On The Divided States Of America!

Episode 058 of A Minute To Midnite is a dynamic interview with Pastor Benjamin Faircloth. He brings a powerful word on what lies at the doorstep and in the immediate future: Chaos, Rioting, Economic Collapse and war is coming to America. But instead of preparing the people for what lies ahead, instead off preaching the need for repentance-

“The First Church of the Titanic is too worried about rearranging chairs on the deck, while the ship takes in water and is heading for the bottom of the sea floor! But don’t you worry, everything is fine! This is your best life now, and the sound you are hearing is not twisting metal, it’s just the choir preparing to sing Oh Happy Day!”

058- Pastor Benjamin Faircloth- Warning!  Chaos To Fall On The Divided States Of America!


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