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Submitted to All News PipeLine by Tony K @ A Minute To Midnite

Excerpt From The Article:

We must also realize that Satan, ( Lucifer) the fallen angel who is at the head of the demonic hordes has a kingdom. His is the kingdom of darkness. Kingdoms are not run successfully by random events and random players. They are only successful when they are well organized. He ( Satan ) has an agenda, and it is directly opposed to everything that Christianity stands for. His hordes of fallen angels and demons do not run about the earth in a random fashion, but follow carefully devised strategies.

In the final analysis if you are living the life of a Christian you will face trials and testing of your faith, your resolve and your stamina.

The Believers of today want the same power the early Church had, but they want it without prayer. The Devil does not care one bit about the average Church goer, or those who remember all the words to the worship songs, or who can remember Bible verses. Rather, he trembles when a Believer prays and means it.



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