Fiery Preaching Or Wimping Out In The Pulpit -Who Will Serve Baal And Who Will Serve God?

I wrote an article based on the recent interview with Pastor Terry L. Bates.  It was published today on the All News Pipeline . I thought it to be a good idea to link to that article here because I believe it is a very important topic- time for Christians to wake up before it’s too late! (Tony K)

Fiery Preaching Or Wimping Out In The Pulpit – Great Power & No Bowing To Baal -The Fire Of Elijah

The days of having the freedom to practice true Biblical Christianity in Western countries, and particularly in America without real persecution, may be numbered. One way to assure that the freedom to practice and live one’s faith will be taken away, is if Christians do not rise up NOW and speak the truth, and have the courage to stand up against the tide of political correctness.


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