056- Pastor Terry L. Bates – Great Power & No Bowing To Baal – The Fire Of Elijah

In Episode O56 of A Minute To Midnite Tony is joined by Pastor Terry L. Bates, an A.O.G pastor from Oklahoma City. A powerful message is presented here on how the Christian church needs to stand on the solid ground of scripture, and not be intimidated, cajoled or persuaded into watering down or changing the message found in the bible. “We welcome everyone to Faith regardless of your sexual orientation, race or religious beliefs. But we will not change the Gospel or modify our message in any way to accommodate any view or lifestyle that is contrary to the Word of God,” Bates has said. The Pastor holds a position of preaching the truth in love-but at the same time preaching it without apology.
Every Christian should hear the message presented in today’s show. We stand at the threshold of both a great harvest of souls for the Kingdom Of God, and a great falling away into apostasy by many who profess faith in Christ. You must decide which side will you be on.

056- Pastor Terry L. Bates  – Great Power & No Bowing To Baal – The Fire Of Elijah

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