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053-Joanie Stahl & Brook A. – God’s Awesome Final Great Harvest To Begin!

In Episode 053 of A Minute To Midnite Tony is  joined by Joanie Stahl and Brook A. to discuss The End Time Harvests that are quickly about to descend upon the world. God is going to pour out His Spirit, and bring many souls into the kingdom through this outpouring; but Satan also will have his harvest. Joanie recently had a powerful prophetic dream about this harvest, and it has profoundly affected her. She and Brook have spoken at some length with each other over this prophetic word in the past few days, and they both felt a sense of urgency to get the word out to believers NOW, to prepare for them for the enormous chaos that is about to strike America and the World. Chaos and destruction is surely coming- but at the same time The Lord is preparing His people for the great harvest of souls that will come from the events that are about to unfold. Some great keys are given in this interview that should  speak to believers on the Great Commission that was given in scripture, and what that means in these coming days.

053-Joanie Stahl- Brook A.- God’s  & Awesome Final Great Harvest To Begin!

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