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Prophetic Dream – The Fisherman without a Net; The Harvest is Now… Are You Equipped?


By Joanie Stahl (June 2016)

In the very wee hours of June 23, 2016, I had a dream. After, I awoke deeply stirred and immediately knew with exaction what the interpretation was.  After you read the dream below, I will give the interpretation. I firmly believe is for everyone that reads it.


In my dream, I was on a beautiful, white, state of the art fishing boat.  The weather was calm and mild.  The sea was hushed and without breezes, typical of early coastal mornings. I was kneeling at the very back of the boat, leaning upon the rails and looking out at the beautiful ocean.

The sea was so peaceful, but as I looked out upon it, suddenly and out of nowhere, fish were beginning to boil. This was happening right in front of me, as far as my eye could see.


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