Prophetic Dream – EMP Attack and War : The Beginning of Sorrows

By: Jose Polanco. (June 2016)

Excerpt From The Article:

Today, right around 4 am, I awoke from what I believe was a short Prophetic dream.


I was at a military base camp on the Russian border. I saw military personnel on all sides, as far as my eyes could see.

In the dream, I knew that I was at the Russian border, but I was actually at Russia’s military base camp.

From inside the camp, I looked out and saw a giant fence dividing their territory. In the dream, I thought that they were already too close to one another, and that anything could trigger a war between them. Granted, the Lord did not reveal to me who the opposing side was. Meaning, I could not make out who Russia was head to head with, or “too close for comfort” to.


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