Preparedness! What does the bible say about being prepared?


What does the bible say about being prepared?

                                                      Matt S. (June 14th 2016.)

In this day and age many Christians (including the AMTM team) believe that we are now living in the times of the birth pains described by Jesus in Matthew Chapter 24.

When we hear the word “preparedness” or “preppers”, what image do these words invoke? Do you imagine an armed to the teeth, gun toting, camo clad, wild looking individual who is living in the middle of nowhere, ready to defend family and fort from the onslaught of the New World Order toadies? Or do you see men and women spending every spare cent on making canned goods and storing them behind false walls, getting survival food, buying supplies of antibiotics, and then going on the National Geographic “Doomsday Preppers” program, revealing their preps and locations for all the world to see.

Hmm…. Well I can understand if this is the image you see when the word “preparedness’ is mentioned. This is how the mainstream media portrays many who do claim to be preppers, and I have to admit [some] of these folk do come across as a little crazy at times.