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Forgiveness – An Asperous Look Into the Truth of the Matter


By Brook Ardoin (June 2016)

One of the most beautiful displays of forgiveness is found in the life of Joseph. Though forgiveness was implied earlier in Genesis, such as when Esau greeted Jacob with a hug, the word “forgive” can be first seen at the end of Joseph’s story as written by his brothers.

In summary, we know that Joseph lost his family; after his younger brother was born, his mother died in childbirth. Seems the only one that loved him was his father, Jacob (Israel). His brothers hated him; not for anything he had done, but because of the great love their father had for him. Once Joseph shared his dream, this gave them more reason to hate him. Jacob even openly rebuked him due to that dream. His brothers conspired to kill him, but instead decided to spare his life and throw him into a waterless pit in the wilderness. They again changed the plan, pulling him out the pit and selling him off as a slave for twenty pieces of silver; basically, he was kidnapped from the father whom loved him most. As if this was not enough, as a slave in Egypt he was accused of rape and thrown in prison. After two years in prison, he gave Pharaoh a good interpretation of his dream, and Pharaoh then placed him to rule over his house and all of Egypt.


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