046-Pastor El Masih (Part 1) – Islamic Deception, Suitcase Nukes, Banking System Collapse

In Episode 046 Pastor El Masih joins Tony to discuss the takeover of US government by Muslims under the Obama administration. He describes his upbringing in Pakistan under Islamic oppression, and explains that by deception Islam is also now taking over US and the West. He details why he believes the US is under God’s judgement and that riots and martial law are coming soon following a collapse of the US dollar which will bring widespread famine to America. He also talks about suitcase nukes that are hidden on US soil and will be detonated in terror attacks. He also stated that he believes a foreign invasion of America  is imminent. The “Babylonians are coming”. This AMTM show sees a mixture of inside information, factual documentation and powerful prophetic dreams and visions from Pastor Masih. A powerful second part of this interview will follow in one or two days time.


046-Pastor El Masih Part 1 -Islamic Deception, Suitcase Nukes, Banking System Collapse

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