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America, Say Good bye and Welcome Chi-merica


                                                   By Sean Harper 

Excerpt From Article:

From Jessica’s word that was imparted to her. China was being referred to as the literal nation/leader that will bring about the end time, but there is usually a greater truth to be revealed as time goes on. We see this today with the leader of China, Xi Jinping, taking on a more militaristic role within the country of China itself. For example, the Chinese President just recently assumed a more direct military role over the country’s powerful armed forces as head of its increasing joint operations. This action displays that Jinping is trying to have a strong personal authority of national interests. Something to look at constantly is what is going on in the South China Sea and how China has been buying up National Forests American banks and various other farming lands within the US. This link can be found on the AMTM website. Remember to never hold a resentment of racism and to always pray for leaders to repent and turn towards the Lord. I’m not trying to elaborate on the dreams or messages received to be received with anger or disgust, but it is important to see what’s going on with the country of China.


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