Living In The Last Hours Of The Last Days – Prophetic Word

                                    Written By Joanie Stahl (May 2016)

An Excerpt From The Article:

The result of these ” Last hours,” is callousness of heart. The love of many have waxed cold. The darkness that is upon all nations is vastly permeating every threshold. And it is intensifying. The sense of safety even in the safest places will vanish. It will vanish away.

Also,Trump will be the next and last president. Once he is inaugurated the door will shut. He will accomplish My purpose, but only for a short time, a brief time while in office. Because his time will be cut short. Not because he does not want to. His hands will be stopped. He won’t be able to go very far for reasons other than his own. His purposes will be disappointed. His success will be brief, short lived, interrupted. He will be like a once raging fire snuffed out. He will be stopped short.


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