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041-Stan Deyo – Ring Of Fire – Super Volcanoes – & A Potential Antichrist

Episode 041 Of A Minute To Midnite sees Tony joined by Stan Deyo. Stan is an incredibly knowledgeable man who will need no introduction for many of you. In this  show he brings a wealth of information on a range of topics; Firstly on the situation with earthquakes and volcanoes around The Pacific Ring of Fire, and  the potential End Time roles of super volcanoes such as Taupo (New Zealand) and Yellowstone (USA). Secondly he shares some of his knowledge and theories on giant meteor impacts and their effects on the earth in the past and potential future. He also discusses the role that the sun and magnetic pole shifts will likely play in the near future. Finally he alerts us to a potential antichrist candidate, explaining who he is and why he believes we should watch this person very closely.

041-Stan Deyo – Ring Of Fire – Super Volcanoes & A Potential Antichrist

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