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A Giant Tsunami – Jose’s Three Dreams


                                                             By Joanie Stahl

Just recently we have received this dream from one of our listeners Jose Polanco. When we read it we all agreed that this was indeed a dream of import. The contents are provocative and have significant impact regarding all the things that are happening around us. Things that the Prophets of old spoke about regarding “the end of the age,” and “things to come.” And in light of recent developments in this time of knowledge increasing, it captured our attention. We invite you to read it and take it in. At the end, I will comment prayerfully. The rest will be yours to take to the Lord. (Joanie Stahl)

Dream (Jose Polanco)

NOVEMBER 18, 2015.

4:15 AM

I woke up shaking up because of a troubling sequence of Three Dreams I had of a massive Tsunami Wave hitting the East Coast of the USA.

And this is what happened in my sequence of dreams:


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