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Casting Your Cares Upon Jesus: Why Are You Still Carrying Them?


Written By Brook A.

Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.” -1 Peter 5:7

Most all Christians are familiar with this Bible verse. I find the words contained within it to be so simplistic that most tend to just read right through it without giving it much thought. Truth is, I also discern it has not been given the power behind the words that is so deserves. How many have taken the time to perform a quick study of the key words contained in this verse written by the apostle Peter? To candidly read right through it with no farther examination, our minds tend to go only as far as our English vocabulary takes us, therefore applying our own watered down meaning behind it. Perhaps this is one big reason why so many Christians are not doing what it says to do. Too many Believers are living day to day with the heaviness of all their problems weighing down on them. Our problems have, in essence, become a part of our being as we drag them around with us everywhere we go. Are you allowing the sheer volume and weight of all this excess baggage to make it virtually impossible to live in the fullness of joy the Lord instructs is a marking of His own people? Suffice to say, if the fruit of joy is non-existent in your life, this does not only affect you, but it affects every lost soul that comes in contact with you through the day. To fully understand 1 Peter 5:7, let’s look deeper into three key words contained within the passage:


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