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037-John Little – Ezekiel’s Fire – Solar Flare – EMP Warning

Episode 037 of A minute To Midnite sees Tony interview John Little of In this discussion John voices his views that we may be on the verge of both nuclear EMP strikes, and an even more deadly EMP that would be caused by a solar superflare, that would knock out electrical infrastructure, causing the deaths of many millions of people. He bases his findings on both the Bible and astronomical discoveries. He lays out a case for the worst case scenario, what it would look like in it’s effects, and he also gives some advice on how to prepare for this event. John believes it will tie in directly with the Gog & Magog war. He explains why he feels the Bible points to this event being very soon.

037- John Little – Ezekiel’s Fire – Solar Flare-EMP-Warning

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