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Powerful Dreams And Visions – Sleeping Church Receives Them Not!


                                      Written By Joanie Stahl ( April 2016)

I tend to receive emails of many people who are longing to share what they are dreaming of, and having visions of these days. I have also noticed that there is a new surge of many people young and old who have never dreamed before of anything significant, as well as others who have told me they have never dreamed of anything at all. But of late, many are dreaming and they are no ordinary dreams.

Their reactions are all the same across the board. They all know these dreams they have been having are riveting, penetrating and distinct. They are deeply and profoundly affected. They can’t and won’t shake it. They all confess that they have an urgency to get it out. They begin by examining what they have dreamed and know by the witness of the Holy Spirit in their spirit that what they have seen was shown to them by none other than God Himself. They are all firm about that. And they cannot hold it in.


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