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Prophetic Dream Soon Reality? – Uncontrollable Muslims In America


                                                                By Joanie Stahl

                              Last night I had this dream. It was on April 3rd, 2016.

I dreamed Jon (my husband), and I were in our car headed east. It was sundown. We came to a freeway bridge over pass and as we did, we noticed Muslim immigrants were gathered together in large groups under the freeway bridges.. Chain link fences fenced them and held them in. It was an odd place to be. But it looked like that was the only place to keep them, as it was an obvious temporary location. As we drove by, we slowed down to look at them. As we went by, they were like caged wild, violent animals. They were fighting with each other and attacking one another. I noticed they were dressed in classic middle eastern clothing. There were men, women and children. It looked like they were obviously there as I said, because that was the only place to put them.


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