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The Enemy Of Our Souls – Who Is He & How Does He Get In?


                                                     Written By Joanie Stahl

I always look forward to hearing back from people after interviews. It’s like that scripture in Psalm 19:4, “Their line is gone out through all the earth, their words to the end of the world.” Our voices are heard through out the world, even to the end of the world on these broadcasts. And our voices proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ in many dimensions. In the latest interview, we discussed Satan’s embezzlement of the Kingdom of God, his intrusion into humanity, his counterfeit methods of deception. I believe as I write this that there are thousands of people who do not know exactly who the enemy is. They know him as a fallen angel who caused a revolution in heaven and led a rebellion as he thought he was equal to, or above God. His intent of usurping God’s throne was his eternal demise.

His kingdom is bent on deception and murder. We know his name Satan means, “Deceiver” and Liar.” Among other names well suited to him.


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